Amanda’s new book ‘Bangles & Bracelets’ has just hit the bookshops.

‘Dotted as it is with superb examples, instructions and expert advice, this book is useful for the student or for a maker wishing to try another aspect of his or her trade.’ (June 2009)
‘This accessible and well thought-out book is a useful addition to a library of jewellery techniques…gives you plenty to think about and illustrates what can be possible as well as helping to broaden one’s view of the purpose of jewellery and what it is made from.’ Findings, Autumn 2009

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ISBN 9780713679298
Format Paperback 128 pages. 234×156 mm.

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The bulk of this handbook is step by step case studies, comprehensively explained and illustrated with photographs. Each chapter demonstrates and guides the reader through procedures for making a bangle or bracelet using a particular technique, approach or skill. Topics covered include: wax-work (casting), chain making, wire work, resin/Perspex, found objects, inlay, laminating, phot-etching, piercing, engraving/embossing/etching, stone-setting, paper and forging. Designed to appeal to both beginners and practising jewellers, there is an introductory chapter on basic techniques, covering the fundamentals of jewellery-making, complete with detailed explanations and photographs. Each chapter includes a generous garnish of relevant ‘tips and tricks’ — useful hints from the author and other experienced jewellers.