2013 Commissions

During 2013, I have been busy working extensively to commission. Indeed, most of my work is to individual private commission and is about a personal approach to the design and making process. This means that we design the piece between us, working closely together.

This personal approach also means that I am not very keen on having professional photographs taken of the private commissions, and showing them either online or between clients. The commissioning process to me is all about it being unique and bespoke.

To get around this lack of images, I thought that it would be a quirky idea to ask the commissioners for an image that they are happy to share.

This is the start of the dialogue…

AJ & Ben
Amy Jo and Ben were married in June.

Anna was 40 in July.

Nigel & Lisa
Nigel and Lisa celebrated 20 years of marriage in August with a set of 3 platinum, diamonds and sapphire rings. I made Nigel’s wedding ring too in 1993, the first gold wedding ring I ever made!

Sandra was 70 in June.

Steve  &  Laura
Steve & Laura were married in July.

Text Ring
James commissioned this word ring for his wife Emma.
These are James’ paper models.

Martin & Rebecca
Martin & Rebecca got Married in May (on the Isle of Skye).